Travel Information

For Ticketing Information Call:

USA: 1 888 358 6762

MEX: 01 800 867 6236


It's against the law to transport prohibited drugs in the bus, smoke in a motor coach or smoke in any of Tornado Bus Company's facility. Transport any sharp objects, guns/firearms, explosive, flammable materials, disabling chemicals & other dangerous items. Tornado Bus Company will be responsible only for transportation on its own lines in accordance with tariff regulations & limitations, and assumes no responsibility for any acts or omission of other occurring within or outside of the United States.


The company is not responsible for any lost ticket. Passenger must present original ticket when boarding the bus. Passengers can only board the bus based on the information stated on the ticket.


• No cancellations allowed.

• All tickets are valid for 60 days when the passenger reschedules a trip at least 2 hours before the departure. The passenger must show up in Terminal 30 minutes before the departure and 1 hour before in pick up locations. If passenger is not on time the ticket will be considered VOID.

• Tickets may be exchanged for a different travel date. First change is free; there will be an additional $10 fee for extra changes.

• Fares are subject to change at any time without notifications.


Government Regulations and Carrier's Tariffs require that all baggage must be properly identified. Baggage I.D. tags should clearly show the name and address to which lost baggage should be forwarded. Free baggage I.D tags are available at all Ticket windows and baggage counters. Additionally, the passenger's name address must be on the inside of all baggage. Tornado Bus Company is not responsible for baggage detained by US or Mexican Customs. Neither assumes or accepts any liability for lost, damaged, breakage, and /or deterioration of any articles paraphernalia that is being transported.