Baggage Policies

Baggage Regulations and Limitations

  • Each passenger is entitled to two checked bags; weighing not more than forty (40) pounds and measuring no more than 62 inches (add the length, plus height, plus width of the bag). One suitcase not to exceed 30 pound for a child with a ticket.Additional bags meeting the same criteria may be checked for a separate fee; the first participating bus carrier on the travel itinerary (in each direction) is entitled to collect a baggage fee of $10.00 per bag, plus any applicable over-weight fees according to its published Baggage Fee policy. No additional bags may be checked; no additional fees other than those described above are payable.
  • Each passenger may carry-on aboard the bus one bag that weighs no more than twenty-five (25) pounds, which must fit either in the overhead bin or under the seat directly in front of the seat in which the ticketed passenger occupies. 
  • Plastic bags of any size or shape are NOT acceptable as the outer shell of a checked bag, and as such, may not be checked. 
  • Checked baggage may contain only clothing and personal hygiene items. 

Baggage Identification

Government regulations and bus carrier tariffs require that all baggage must possess proper identification that clearly shows the passenger's name and home address to which the baggage can be forwarded in the event of loss or delay. Free identification tags are available at all ticket counters. All checked and carry-on bags should carry identification both inside and outside of each piece.

Tornado Bus is not responsible for baggage detained by US or Mexican Customs. Neither assumes or accepts any liability for lost, damaged, breakage, and /or deterioration of any articles paraphernalia that is being transported.

Prohibited Items


1. Laptops, cell Phones, Cameras or any other personal device should be carried in a carry-on bag.

2. No machine (i.e. lawn mowers, weed eaters, etc.) that has previously contained gasoline is

allowed on the bus except if it's new and enclosed in box.

3. Luggage without a tag will not be placed inside the baggage bin. We advise that you monitor your luggage during any transfers.

4. For your safety never approach the luggage compartment without the presence of a Terminal Attendant.

5. Tornado Bus Company is not responsible for any baggage detained at any border. There will be not refunding for any passengers who were denied an entry to the United States.

Interstate Baggage Liability

Tornado Bus and the Tornado Bus Online Ticketing System ( will not be responsible for, and will not be held liable for, any loss or damage to checked baggage. See individual Baggage Policies for each carrier(s) on your itinerary for specific liability limits on those carriers. For ease of reference, however, liability limits for each bus carrier are set by law, as follows:

Liability for loss or damage to checked baggage is limited to actual value not to exceed $250 for all baggage checked with adult tickets. The limit for baggage checked on a child fare ticket is $125. All passengers are allowed to purchase additional insurance for checked baggage at any ticket counter. Declared value cannot exceed $1000 for an adult ticket and $500 for a child fare ticket. Only clothing and toiletries are to be among the items in your checked luggage. Items of value and cash will not be insured for any amount. All baggage is subject to inspection and anything with additional insurance purchased may be inspected for contents in accordance with the specific Bus Carrier's Baggage Policies.

Claim baggage promptly upon arrival at each destination and interline connection point. A storage fee may be assessed for any unclaimed baggage. In the event of interline connections; traveler is responsible for ensuring that checked baggage is transferred from bus to bus.

Baggage Regulations and Limitations for Online Promotions

Each passenger is entitled ONE (1) checked bag per reservation: weighing no more than forty (40) pounds and measuring no more than 62 inches (add the length, plus height, plus width of the bag). Passengers may also take on board ONE (1) small carry-on bag that only includes a backpack, purse, breifcase, lunch bag, diaper bag, or any other items similar to those listed. Carry-on is not to exceed twenty-five (25) pounds and must properly fit in the overhead bin or under the seat. We also recommend that you label your luggage with your name, address and contact number.

Please be advised that passengers wishing to travel with more luggage than specified above will have items refused. No refunds will be issued in respect of travel plans canceled by the customer as a result of their excess luggage being refused.

Luggage is subject to inspection when crossing international borders. You will be asked to declare any items subject to duty upon crossing the border. Passengers must claim their luggage at the border crossing point for clearance through customs before being allowed to proceed across the border. No luggage is allowed across the border unless claimed by a passenger.